South Australia Health HS8 rollout

HS8 at SAH pharmacies

Modeus has been awarded tender to deliver HS8 across the SA Health hospital pharmacy network. We are humbled to be partnering with SA Health to deliver a world class medication management system that will significantly benefit daily workflows and processes across SAH pharmacies.

SA Health’s Michael Bakker, SA Pharmacy’s Digital Health Portfolio Lead, said that he was impressed by HS8’s broad functional capabilities, product maturity, ease of use and solid feedback from hospitals currently using HS8 in other states.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Modeus to deliver HS8 to our network of South Australian Public Hospital Pharmacies. SA Health is determined to lead the way in best practice medication management solutions, and by future-proofing controlled drug workflow management via implementing the HS8 platform, we are confident that this will result in improved efficiencies, as well as improved medication safety and compliance throughout the SA Health network.”


State-wide HS8 rollout

WA Health & HS8 logo

Modeus has been announced as the successful partner for the Electronic Medication Registers and Compatible Remote Locking Devices tender issued by Health Support Services (WA health system), the shared service provider for the WA Health System, Government of Western Australia.

Our HS8 platform will be rolled out to over 80 public hospitals and facilities across Department of Health (WA Health), meaning that these health services will reap the benefits of significant operational efficiencies – giving hospital staff their time back to reinvest into patient care – as well as providing a safer and more secure work environment by enhancing medication safety, security and governance across the WA hospital network.

Comment from Modeus:
Modeus CEO Carl Zufi said Modeus is thrilled to be partnering with WA Health to deliver a world class product to its hospital network. “Modeus initially presented HS8 to the WA Health Chief Pharmacists back in 2017 and since this time our company has been on a journey to continually improve the product with new integrations, new features and design enhancements. We are delighted that WA hospitals will be implementing a product that is truly the first of its kind anywhere in the world. I personally couldn’t be prouder of the Modeus team and would like to thank WA Health for putting its faith in our company. We acknowledge this as a fantastic opportunity for our company, and we can’t wait to get started.” 

Comment from WA Health:
WA Health’s Michael Petrovski, Chief Pharmacist of King Edward Memorial Hospital and Project Manager said that he was impressed by HS8’s intuitive design, functional capabilities and the positive feedback from hospitals where the system is currently in use. 
“WA Health are looking forward to partnering with Modeus to deliver HS8 to Western Australian Public Hospitals. Improving medication safety and governance throughout our hospital network has been at the forefront of our thinking to meet needs of a digital health system. We are confident Modeus will deliver a terrific solution, future-proofing best practice controlled medication management, giving Nurses and Pharmacists more time to put back into providing patient care.

HS8 live at Cairns Hospital

Cairns Hospital

We are excited to announce that HS8 is now live at Cairns Hospital, the largest hospital within Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service.

We’d like to thank the team at Cairns Hospital who ensured the implementation process ran as smoothly as possible.

Modeus rolls out HS8 across Ramsay Health Care

Ramsay Health Care logo

We are thrilled to announce that we have commenced the implementation of the HS8 electronic controlled drug register across 36 Ramsay hospital sites nationally that will be complete by the end of 2020.

Michelle Lynch, General Manager, Operations at Ramsay Pharmacy, commented: Modeus have had a longstanding relationship with Ramsay, being the providers of DDBook controlled drug register software to our community pharmacy franchise network for many years. When they approached us with a custom built controlled drug register for our hospital dispensaries, we were naturally interested. Ramsay has always placed great importance on ensuring the safety and security of medications especially with pharmacists being custodians of medication. Modeus’ HS8 programs provides functionality to further enhance medication governance and a safety and quality focus.

Carl Zufi, CEO of Modeus commented; Modeus are delighted to be able to extend our relationship with Ramsay to include the rollout of HS8 to their network of hospitals across Australia. We look forward to working closely with Ramsay in the weeks and months ahead to deliver what we believe is a groundbreaking product in the market that should be well utilised by their network.

About Ramsay Health Care

Ramsay Health Care is a global healthcare company with a reputation for operating high-quality services and delivering excellent patient care. Established in Sydney, Australia, in 1964, by Paul Ramsay AO, Ramsay Health Care has more than 50 years of experience in providing acute health care services. Today, the Company delivers a range of acute and primary healthcare services from 480 facilities across 11 countries, making it one of the largest and most diverse private healthcare companies in the world.

Goulburn Valley Health goes live with HS8

In another significant implementation for HS8, we are thrilled to announce that HS8 is now live in the pharmacy at Goulburn Valley Health.

Modeus would like to thank the GV Health team for their efforts in assisting with the implementation and look forward to continuing the work towards a full rollout at GV Health.

Modeus partners with WellSky

WellSky logo

Modeus and WellSky partner to deliver electronic controlled drug management to global markets

Australian healthcare software company Modeus is thrilled to announce a partnership with WellSky International Ltd, providers of the UK’s leading digital medicines management platform (Pharmacy, EPMA and Chemotherapy).

Under the agreement, WellSky will sell a branded version of HS8 called “WellSky CD Manager” to its customers in Ireland and the UK, with plans to extend to the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and South Africa in the future.

The solution eliminates the need for controlled drug paper records, which have been identified as a potential source of infection in recent reviews covering hospital hygiene and safety during the
pandemic. It is integrated with WellSky systems to deliver seamless controlled drug management while helping to improve governance and compliance.

Rob Tysall-Blay, CEO of Wellsky International, commented; “WellSky is delighted to partner with Modeus on this journey. CD Manager is an important new addition to the WellSky Medicines Management Platform and provides hospitals with a paperless solution for their controlled drug processes. We anticipate a great deal of interest in this latest expansion to the WellSky suite.

Carl Zufi, CEO of Modeus commented; We are very excited to be partnering with WellSky International to deliver our innovative controlled drug management platform to global markets.

WellSky International has a comprehensive medication management platform and WellSky CD Manager extends and compliments this to provide a fully integrated solution unmatched anywhere else. As the use of controlled drugs in hospitals continues to grow at a rapid rate, the need to move away from inefficient manual paper based systems is critical. WellSky CD Manager has been specifically designed to address this challenge.

About WellSky International

WellSky International Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of WellSky Inc which serves more than 14,000 client sites around the world — including hospital systems, blood banks, home health and hospice franchises, government agencies, and human services organisations. For more information on WellSky International Ltd visit

HS8 goes live at Peter Mac wards

HS8 in use at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Modeus are excited to announce that HS8, our hospital electronic controlled drug register platform, is now live at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre wards.

HS8 will allow nurses to electronically record controlled drug usage and sign off with their existing Imprivata tap cards, saving time while improving governance. In the absence of face-to-face training due to the pandemic, our online training platform has been crucial for onboarding new users and we expect it to play a big role in future implementations.

Modeus would like to give special thanks to the Pharmacy, IT and Nursing teams at Peter Mac for their collaboration during the rollout of the software-lead controlled drug management solution.

Modeus at eMedication Management Conference 2020

Modeus presented HS8 as a hospital-wide medication management solution alongside our partners, Debetrek & Humanscale. The exhibit was also supported with a presentation by Peter Blewitt (Peninsula Health) and a fireside chat with leaders from each company discussing innovations in medication from pharmacy to the bedside.

Modeus partners with Imprivata

Imprivata used with HS8

Modeus is thrilled to announce a partnership with Imprivata, a global Healthcare IT security company.  

The HS8 integration with Imprivata Confirm ID, an identification workflow, will drive efficiencies by allowing users to confirm register entries within HS8 via card tap or fingerprint authentication instead of manually typing in usernames and passwords. 

This partnership will also support secure access to HS8 by providing safeguards to help improve patient safety. This will be achieved by incorporating re-authentication for signing and witnessing across a range of hospital medication transactions. These include stock checks, stock transfers, receipt of stock as well as dispensing from pharmacy, ward and theatre areas.          

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