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Ware S8 is a cloud-based controlled drug register platform specifically designed for controlled drug manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors.

Saves time and effort

Ware S8 eliminates the hassle of paper-based controlled drug recording, saves time on administrative tasks such as daily line entries, stock counts and reconciliations, and has built-in reporting functionality so you can quickly view any data you require at the press of a button.

Assists with accuracy & compliance

Ware S8 helps to maintains accurate records, reduces errors and is compliant with all relevant standards.


  • Paperless solution

    Record and retrieve information faster while maintaining accurate record

  • Easy to use and learn

    An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes Ware S8 easy to learn and use

  • Cloud-based software

    Nothing to download or install. Receive updates instantly and never worry about backups

  • Automated forms

    Built-in S8 confirmation forms populated with relevant S8 transactions can be provided to Health Authorities

  • Powerful reporting

    Provides granular, customisable reporting

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Runs on most internet-connected devices such as PC, Laptop and Tablets

  • Increase efficiency & streamline workflow

    Reduce time spent on stock checks and reconciliations

  • Alerting & monitoring

    Real time alerting function for stock adjustments

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