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Ambulance, paramedic & patient transport services

Medic8 is an electronic controlled drug register solution for ambulance services covering vehicles, regional branches and central depots

Customisable solution

Medic8 can be adapted to an ambulance service's unique workflows and processes, enhancing existing functionality to provide an intelligent platform that goes well beyond the capabilities of a traditional drug register.

Reduce drug diversion

Medic8 provides real-time alerting to ambulance service administrators for specific S8 transactions such as stock adjustments or stock checks, helping maintain accurate records and reducing the potential for fraudulent activity.

Streamline your workflow

Medic8 provides integrated stock transfers between depots and vehicles as well as streamlined stock checks and patient dose administrations.

Enhance Governance and Compliance

Medic8 significantly reduces administrative recording tasks and improves accuracy, saving paramedics valuable time, improving controlled drug governance and compliance.


  • Easy to learn

    Intuitive, simple and user-friendly interface makes Medic8 easy to learn and use

  • Cloud-based software

    Nothing to download or install, receive updates instantly and never worry about backups

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Runs on most internet connected devices, reducing new hardware expenditure

  • Integrated and streamlined

    Powerful vehicle stock transfer, stock check and reconciliation functionality

  • Security

    Enhanced security options available including multi-factor authentication

  • Real-time alerting system

    Receive email alerts and investigate discrepancies in real time

  • Customised reporting

    Highly customisable and granular reporting suite available

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