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Full service mobile applications for pharmacy groups

Lifelinx offers pharmacies a customised solution adapted to match their branding, vision and in-store experience.


Modeus offers a white-labelled branding solution, meaning that only your logo and branding will appear exclusively throughout the app.


Lifelinx can be fully customised to align with your brand's vision. Functionality can be added or removed, offering a unique user experience.


Your pharmacy brand will have full control of the platform, not only in terms of branding and functionality, but the messaging as well. This can allow you to commercialise the platform and add another revenue stream.


In-built integration capabilities via a set of cloud services which offers almost limitless integration capabilities with any of your brand's existing systems.

Data ownership

Maintain full ownership of data, whether it is de-identified or not. The user data gained from the app can be leveraged to gain insights into consumer behaviour, influence future marketing campaigns or monetised various ways.

Head Office Management Portal

In addition to the app, the Lifelinx platform includes a Head Office Management Portal allowing head office to control the use of the platform across the entire group. It also provides insights into individual store management, as well many configurable settings and group announcements


  • Prescription management

    Users can manage the prescriptions they have on file with their local pharmacy, including ordering and refilling scripts, view script history, alter refill dates, set refill reminder notifications and more

  • Dose reminders

    Users can set reminders so they never miss a dose. They can set a push notification based reminder schedule according to the time of day or days of the week, check their dose history, as well as view their progress

  • Shopping

    Users can shop for retail items (medical and non-medical) at their local pharmacy via ‘click and collect’. Once the order is submitted, the pharmacy will pack the order, ready for immediate collection from the front counter

  • News & events

    Broadcast rich content messages that include documents, audio, video and more. Send messages to all users or a specifically targeted groups based on their location or demographic. Broadcasting can be done through individual stores or at head office level.

  • Pharmacy chat

    Communicate 1-on-1 with a pharmacist through the app. A great tool for when users need quick advice regarding prescriptions or other medications.

  • Loyalty

    Integrate your existing loyalty program into the app, allowing users to check their rewards points, tier status and bonus offers

  • User Accounts

    Users can manage their accounts, look up previous orders and payment history, outstanding credit and more

  • Coupons & Promotional Offers

    Offer coupons or promotional offers to your customer base

  • Guest mode

    Users can start using the app as soon as they download it from the App Store or Google Play. Full functionality requires registration at a pharmacy

  • Custom functionality

    Lifelinx has the flexibility to include custom functionality such as integration with health portals or appointment systems

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