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Cloud-based electronic controlled drug register platform

DiamondCare is specifically designed for the aged care industry, replacing and improving on the paper-based recording of controlled drugs.

Assists with Governance & Compliance

DiamondCare goes far beyond the value of a traditional drug register with advanced features that support improved compliance, drug safety and reduce the potential for fraudulent behaviour.

Saves Time & Effort

DiamondCare eliminates the hassle of writing in paper-based registers, saving time spent on administrative tasks while improving register accuracy. Granular reporting functionality allows you to quickly view, save or print any filtered data needed.


  • Paperless solution

    Record and retrieve information faster while maintaining accurate records

  • Easy to learn

    An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes DiamondCare easy to learn and use

  • Cloud-based software

    Nothing to download or install. Receive updates instantly and never worry about software backups

  • Automated medication ordering

    Integrates with Pharmacy DDBook register allowing automated medication ordering from pharmacy

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Work off most internet connected devices including PC, laptop and tablets

  • Easy reporting

    Powerful and flexible reporting at the press of a button

  • Accuracy

    Improve accuracy reducing counting errors and eliminating legibility issues

  • Streamlined workflow

    Efficient stock checks and reconciliations

  • View all medication levels

    Pharmacies using DDBook can view all resident medication levels within an aged care facility and proactively resupply medication

  • Real-time alert system

    Investigate medication discrepancies such as stock adjustments in real time through an email alerting system

  • Touch screen friendly

    Optimised for touch-based devices

  • Continuous improvement

    DiamondCare is regularly updated with enhancements and new features

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What is the difference between a primary and a secondary license?

A primary license is only required for those facilities that only have one drug safe/cabinet, whereby only one drug register is required to record the transactions from that drug safe/register. Should a facility have more than one drug safe (which requires a separate drug register) then a secondary license for each additional register is required.

Are there any other software fees involved?

No. The annual license fee covers software platform, ongoing support and updates/enhancements.

If I trial the software do I get charged should I choose to discontinue?

No. The trial is completely free of charge

Is training of the platform included in the price?

Modeus will provide one full remote training session to staff (training manual/user guide is included with the software). Additional training sessions may accrue additional fees, dependent on the number and scope.

How secure will my data be?

The DiamondCare platform is hosted in Tier 1 data centres within Australia, providing the highest levels of performance and reliability. To strengthen security and ensure privacy, DiamondCare maintains encryption of data both at rest and in transit whilst offering features such as two-factor authentication, 24x7 monitoring + alerting and disaster recovery capability that includes real-time replication to a secondary hosting site.

Can I use DiamondCare in my State or Territory?

You can use DiamondCare in all Australian States and Territories.
+61 (03) 9867 2785.