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Cloud-based controlled drug register platform for Vets

Vet S8 is an online controlled drug register that replaces and improves on the paper-based recording of controlled drugs, specifically designed for vets.

Vet S8 at Evervet, Australia

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Saves Time and Effort

Vet S8 eliminates the hassle of paper-based controlled drug recording, saves time on administrative tasks such as daily line entries, stock counts and reconciliations, and has built-in reporting functionality so you can quickly view any data you require at the press of a button.

Assists with Accuracy & Compliance

Vet S8 helps to maintains accurate records, reduces errors and is compliant with all relevant standards.


  • Paperless solution

    Record and retrieve information faster while maintaining accurate records

  • Easy to learn

    An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes Vet S8 easy to learn and use

  • Integrated

    Integrates with popular Vet Practice Management Systems including: Ascend, RxWorks, Ciderhouse, Cornerstone, Open VPMS, Ezyvet, Vetlink SQL, Customer Logic and VisionVPM

  • Cloud-based software

    Nothing to download or install. Receive updates instantly and never worry about backups

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Runs on most internet-connected devices such as PC, Laptop and Tablets

  • Powerful reporting

    Flexible reporting options (patient name, medication, time period and more) at the press of a button

  • Use on multiple computers

    Can be used simultaneously on multiple computers at no extra cost

  • Increase efficiency & streamline workflow

    No need to find and open paper books. Reduce time spent on stock checks and reconciliations


What is the difference between a standard and unlimited?

There is no difference in the functionality provided between the Standard and Unlimited versions. The main difference is the number of annual transactions permitted.

Vet S8 Standard provides for up to 1200 transactions over a 12 month period (an average of 100 transactions per month) which is perfect for smaller clinics that don't use many controlled drugs. A transaction is defined as an individual register entry, eg - ‘supply to an animal’, ‘receive from supplier’, ‘stock check’, etc.

Vet S8 Unlimited provides for an unlimited number of transactions over a 12 month period.

If you reach 1200 transaction prior to the 12 month license period expiring, you will have the following available options:

- Purchase another 12 month standard license, with the 1200 transactions resetting at the date of purchase
- Purchase an Unlimited license which provides for an unlimited number of transactions over a 12 month period, from the date of the new purchase.

Can I use Vet S8 in my State or Territory?

Yes, Vet S8 can be used in all States and Territories in Australia.

My vet clinic has vehicles that get S8 stock transfers. Can I also use Vet S8 to replace my vehicle S8 registers?

Yes you can. For those clinics that service animals offsite, Vet S8 has multi-register functionality built into the software. The price for additional registers is $50+GST per register per annum.

Are there any additional fees or charges

Integration with your vet practice management software may attract additional fees. Please contact Modeus for more information.
+61 (03) 9867 2785.