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Run safe, effective & efficient opioid treatment services

MethDA is a robust software system that replaces and improves the traditional paper-based recording for dispensing methadone, subutex and suboxone.

Endorsed by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

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Optional Accessory Integration

Label Printer, Report Printer, Electronic Signature Pad, Electronic Pump, Scanner, Digital Camera. Please contact Modeus for more information on integration with optional accessories.


MethDA offers a free mobile app to puts real-time data in your customer's hands, meaning no more arguments about payments or expired scripts.

Why get MethDA?

  • Paperless solution

    Record and retrieve information faster while maintaining accurate records

  • Efficient

    Faster, more efficient dispensing process via a paperless solution

  • Accurate

    Reduce errors inherent with paper-based recording

  • Cost-effective & risk-free

    Flexible 'sliding scale' pricing with a free trial and no lock-in contracts

  • Powerful reporting

    Built-in reporting and accounting functionality

  • Facial Recognition

    MethDA uses Facial Recognition technology to identify and pre-select patients

  • Staged Supply

    Supports patients who require split dosing, including reporting on balances and claiming

  • Automated compliance

    Generate automatic reports for health departments and Centrelink payments

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Can I use MethDA in my State or Territory?

Yes, MethDA can be used in all Australian States and Territories.

My jurisdiction requires patients to sign for their doses. How does MethDA deal with patient signatures?

MethDA integrates with an electronic signature pad to accommodate for patient signatures. There is also a built-in signature form available within the program

Does MethDA integrate with methadone pumps?

Yes, MethDA integrates with 2 types of electronic pumps.

Does MethDA handle customer payments?

Yes, MethDA has built-in accounting functionality that handles customer payments.

Will I need to buy a separate printer for the takeaway labels or can it print using my current printer?

MethDA is compatible with most existing pharmacy printers. Please contact Modeus support to check if your printer is compatible.

Can I run MethDA on my existing dispensary computer?

You can run MethDA on any computer or laptop provided it uses Windows 7 (or higher) and has internet connectivity. Ideally you will run the program on the computer that is nearest to where the methadone/suboxone is dispensed.
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