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A Revolution in Controlled Drug Management

HS8 is a completely paperless solution that assists with controlled drug governance, compliance and efficiencies throughout an entire hospital.

Governance, Regulatory Compliance & Safety

HS8 is compliant with jurisdictional health department controlled drug regulations, providing a number of intelligent functions to assist with medication governance to improve controlled drug safety and reduce medication discrepancies, misappropriation or fraud.

Register Accuracy & Operational Efficiencies

HS8 provides an extensive range of automated functions and integrations that significantly streamline and automate medication related administrative tasks. HS8 links register locations in real time, eliminating the need for double entry and significantly reducing the potential for errors.

Hardware Integration

HS8 supports integration with a variety of medication storage hardware options including automated dispensing cabinets and remote locks which can be attached to existing cabinets, safes or fridges.

Support for all Location Types

HS8 supports workflows for all areas of a hospital including pharmacy, ward and theatre as well as patients’ own medication. The workflows can be customised to suit each facility’s policies and operating environment.


  • Paperless solution

    All electronic records are easily stored and accessed

  • Pharmacy dispense and inventory integration

    HS8 integrates with all popular dispense and inventory systems commonly used in Hospitals

  • Multi register platform

    An electronic register at each hospital location manages controlled drug stock

  • Integrated stock requisitions

    Stock requisitions to wards, theatres and other hospital locations are integrated with pharmacy inventory systems

  • PAS integration

    HS8 will know all patients admitted to, residing in, and discharged from each hospital location

  • Streamlined stock check functionality

    Improved efficiency and ability for ‘shown’ or ‘blind’ stock checks at each register location

  • Active Directory (AD) integration

    Users can access HS8 using their existing login credentials

  • Patient register functionality

    HS8 handles transactions where patients have been admitted with their own stock

  • Customised reporting

    Filter, analyse, save or print any type of data you choose

  • Real-time alerting system

    Investigate medication discrepancies and stock adjustments instantly

  • Customised user roles

    Hospital administrators can set defined roles to limit access or functionality for certain users or user groups

  • Stock refill management

    Pharmacy can view and proactively replenish medication stock levels at all locations

  • Works on PC and Windows tablet devices

    Wall mounted tablet option available for locations with space restrictions

  • Touchscreen friendly

    Large "touch targets" and optimised user flows without heavy reliance on a mouse and keyboard

  • Cloud or on-site hosting options

    Flexibility for hospitals to choose their preferred hosting configuration

  • Inpatient dispense functionality

    Ability for pharmacy to dispense medications directly into an in-patient’s personal register

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Can I use HS8 in my State or Territory?

You can use HS8 in all Australian States and Territories.

Which hospital systems does HS8 integrate with?

HS8 integrates with all popular pharmacy dispense and inventory systems commonly used in Hospitals. HS8 also integrates with HL7 compliant Hospital PAS and Microsoft Active Directory for user passwords.

Which Operating Systems is HS8 compatible with?

HS8 is compatible with Windows 7 O/S or higher.

What devices can HS8 work on?

HS8 is optimised for both PC and Windows Tablet devices (touchscreen friendly).

Does Modeus provide training for HS8?

Modeus offers both on-site and remote training. Training material and documentation is provided.

What happens in the event of a power or system outage?

HS8 generates flat text files at regular intervals and saves them to a nominated network location. These files include a list of medications at each register as well as the most recent transactions. These files can be used as a source of truth for restarting paper-based recording until the system is back online.
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