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DDBook and DDBook Cloud are electronic controlled drug registers that replace and improve the paper based recording of controlled (S8) drugs for pharmacists

Endorsed by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

To see just how easy it is to improve controlled drug recording in your pharmacy, contact us to get started with a free trial of DDBook or DDBook Cloud.

Save time and effort

DDBook saves time on recording administrative tasks such as daily line entries and stock counts.

Reduce errors

DDBook integrates with popular pharmacy dispense software, helping reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Improve compliance

Modalytics for DDBook enables centralised reporting and auditing of medication data across your entire company.

Full support

Training, Australian-based support and detailed knowledge base included for free with every subscription.


  • Backups

    Never have to worry about backing up DDBook Cloud

  • Unlimited Workstations

    DDBook Cloud can be used on multiple workstations at no extra cost

  • Easy to use

    Takes the average pharmacist less than 15 minutes to learn

  • Integrated

    Integrates with all popular dispense software (additional fees may apply)

  • Accurate

    Helps to reduce errors and maintain accurate records

  • Fast

    There is no longer any need to step away from your computer and manually enter data

  • Cost effective

    Price includes software, support and continuous updates

  • Improved legibility

    No more dealing with illegible handwriting or 'cross-outs'

  • Customised reporting

    Report by patient, drug, time period, and more

  • Reduce hassle

    Ease the friction associated with time consuming stock checks & reconciliations

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What is the difference between a Primary and Secondary workstation?

If you install DDBook on a single computer then you will only need one "Primary" licence.

If you want to install DDBook on multiple computers (in the same premises), then you will need one "Primary" licence for the first computer, and then one "Secondary" licence for each additional computer.

What is the difference between a 'standard' and 'premium' database?

There is no difference in the functionality provided between standard and premium versions. The main difference between the two version relates to the performance and data capacity of the system.

For most customers, the "Standard" database is usually appropriate. The rule-of-thumb is the "Standard" database should be adequate if your pharmacy averages less than 50 DD entries per day.

However if your pharmacy averages more than 50 DD entries per day, then you should consider the "Premium" database. If you are not sure, then we are always available to help you determine the best solution for your pharmacy.

Can I use DDBook in my State or Territory?

Yes, DDBook can be used in all States and Territories in Australia.

Are there any extra costs associated with integrating DDBook with my Dispense software?

Dispense Integration is optional and attracts additional fees charged by Modeus or your Dispense Vendor.
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