2018 Year in Review

It has been a huge year for Modeus, one that has delivered incredibly strong foundations for an even bigger 2019. Here’s some of what happened and what’s ahead!


After 15 years as Methsof, a name that literally described our first ever product (Methadone Software), we have changed our company name along with a complete brand update for our company and products.


HS8 was officially launched with a very successful pilot at Peninsula Health, with plans in place for rollout to other areas of the hospital from early 2019. HS8 also had significant interest from other hospitals, some of which are currently progressing through the implementation process and others expressing strong interest to commence in 2019.


The DiamondCare platform has received very positive feedback resulting in a strong uptake in its first year of release with full rollout across a number of facilities and several other progressing through trials.

In addition, the DiamondCare / DDBook integration connects the facilities to their local pharmacy providing efficiencies and process improvements benefiting both the facility and pharmacy.

Vet S8

2018 has been another very strong growth year for Vet S8. Along with many regular enhancements, the platform has been integrated with both VetLink SQL and Vision VPM veterinary management software. The platform’s security has also been bolstered with features such as two factor authentication.

DDBook & MethDA

Both products have experienced continued growth. Among other enhancements, DDBook has added LOTS POS integration with more POS integrations being developed.

Next year will see continuous enhancements to both products including innovations, responses to customer requests and compliance changes.

Cloud Backup

Starting from early 2019, our DDBook customers will be able to automatically back up their controlled drug data to the cloud, providing peace of mind from knowing their data is stored securely and is easily retrievable by our support team when needed. This service is ready to use now, so if you would like to get started early, please contact our Sales Team to arrange a suitable time.


In the spirit of the holiday season and in lieu of sending out cards and gifts, we have made company donations to these great causes: Surf Life Saving Foundation, RSPCA & to The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal.

Charity logos


Modeus at Medicines Management 2018

Modeus at SHPA Medicines Management 2018

Modeus attended the SHPA 2018 Medicines Management Conference in Brisbane to promote HS8, our new hospital controlled drug register platform.

This year has seen incredible momentum with many hospitals throughout Australia inquiring about HS8 and the SHPA conference was a great reflection of this interest. It provided an opportunity to meet with many hospitals face to face, update them on the latest developments and product enhancements, as well as enabled us to answer many of the questions asked.

Modeus are already looking forward to exhibiting at SHPA 2019 on the Gold Coast!

Peninsula Health goes live with HS8

HS8 logo

HS8 is now live at Peninsula Health pharmacy, and working seamlessly. This is a significant milestone for our latest product and enables commencement of the next phase – hospital-wide rollout.

Methsof is now Modeus

We have officially changed our company name from Methsof to Modeus!

After 15 years of operation under the name Methsof (originating from Methadone Software), we are excited to announce a new company name which reflects our broadening offerings across multiple healthcare industries.

The new name is derived from the Latin word “Modus” and has several meanings relating to “measurement”, a concept which is at the very core of our drug management software.

Along with the new name, we have refreshed our company branding including a completely new suite of logos centered around a “multi-faceted” design theme which accurately represents our products and company as a whole.

We look forward to delivering the same high quality software and outstanding support under our new banner.


Methsof at HIC 2018

Methsof attended HIC 2018, Australia’s premier digital health conference between July 29th and the 1st of August.

The conference was a great opportunity to showcase HS8, our hospital controlled drug register platform to many hospitals around Australia and we were delighted with the level of interest.

We also met with several prospective industry partners and discussed potential further integrations and other opportunities.

A special thanks to Peter Blewitt (Senior Pharmacist – Inventory – Pharmacy Informatics – Dispensary) from Peninsula Health who helped to demonstrate HS8 as well as discuss the benefits of the platform.

We look forward to exhibiting at HIC 2019 in Melbourne!

Methsof at HIC 2018

Methsof at 2018 AVA Annual Conference

Methsof attended the 2018 Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Conference in Brisbane, held between the 13th-18th of May.

We had a terrific response from the conference, with strong interest being shown in Vet S8 which now integrates with all major vet practice management systems. It was also great to speak to many of our existing customers as well as our vendor partners.

Brisbane was a great venue, fantastic weather and restaurants being the highlights! We look forward to exhibiting at AVA 2019 in Perth.

Methsof at APP2018

Methsof attended the 2018 APP Conference on the Gold Coast between the 3rd and 6th of May. It was great to catch up with many of our existing customers, informing them of new product features, answering questions well as listening to suggestion for improving customer experience. Every viable suggestion has been considered and we look forward to delivering these in the near future.

We also had the privilege of meeting with many potential new customers, taking them through various demos from our product range.

Finally it was great to network with our existing and prospective vendor partners and hold formal meetings with pharmacy groups.

The weather was excellent yet again, ensuring everyone had a great time. We can’t wait for APP 2019!

Vet S8 and Vision VPM integration

Vet S8 & Vision VPM logos

Methsof is pleased to announce that Vet S8, our electronic controlled drug (S8) register for vets, is now offically integrated with Vision VPM software!

The main benefit for Vision VPM users will be to eliminate the requirement to manually record their S8 drug transactions in paper logbooks.

When an S8 invoice is raised in Vision, the relevant data will be pushed via an API to Vet S8, meaning that all the vet needs to do is confirm the entry in Vet S8 by entering their password! This will result in huge time savings and a more accurate drug register.

Vet S8 and VetLinkSQL integration


Vet S8 is now integrated with Vet practice management software VetLinkSQL for the supply of controlled drugs to patients, receipt of controlled drugs from suppliers and transfers of controlled drugs to linked registers within Vet S8.

This means that when an invoice is raised in VetLinkSQL, the relevant controlled drug register data is automatically sent to the Vet S8 pending list, ready for the veterinarian to action.

When controlled drugs are receipted through VetLinkSQL the data will flow through to Vet S8, streamlining the receipt of controlled drug stock. The transfer of these medications to other locations (e.g vehicles) through Vetlink will also bring the relevant data across. No more double entry of data required!

For sales enquiries call us on (03) 9867 2785