New Product Announcement – mHIRE


Methsof is proud to announce the availability of a new product called mHIRE.

Many pharmacies hire out equipment to their customers, such as crutches, wheelchairs, breast pumps and many other items. In most cases, the hire is managed manually with paper based processes.

As with many aspects of pharmacy, there is also quality processes that need to be followed.

mHIRE has been specifically designed to meet the needs of pharmacies that hire out equipment.

Using mHIRE pharmacies can computerise and automate their hire business.

Many pharmacies do not pay much attention to their hire business, partly due to the perceived effort involved. However, using a product such as mHIRE provides pharmacies the opportunity to run their hire business more safely and efficiently which can help them to grow their hire business for very little extra effort.

Methsof at PAC12

Methsof exhibited at PAC12 in Melbourne.

We had the opportunity to meet with many existing and potential customers, and to demonstrate and talk about our products.

We also got to meet and chat with other companies who were exhibiting their products and service, and we spoke to a number of industry personalities and leaders.

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